Tips for a Great Session!

To be pro-active and assist yourself in achieving a great session, here are a few considerations:

  1. Set your intentions prior to arrival. Know that each session with Medium Kathleen will be a unique, customized experience. (Choose intention over expectation.)
  2. Prepare a question or two. Compose clear and specific questions that aim at bringing more information to light and will help your understanding. Spirit communicators are people and they bring messages based on experience, opinion and their perspective. (Medium Kathleen and the spirit will not make decisions for you or tell you your future.)
  3. Be open. When you sit for a Spiritual Medium, you become a participant and contributor. Think of it is a “three-way call.” Just like a group digital call, when a connection between all three parties has a clear and open signal, communication becomes ideal.
  4. Be receptive. You may hear from unexpected communicators. Setting your intention and prayers for a specific person to come are very valuable, and yet, still remain open to others who may wish to communicate.
  5. Be responsive (and not chatty). Keep your responses short: “Yes” “No” “I don’t know.” Do not feed the medium. Share your feedback at the end of the session.
  6. Be positive. Positivity will elevate your reading.
  7. Ask. During the reading, if you are not clear on something, Medium Kathleen is happy to explain. Once the connection is complete, an answer or explanation may not be available.
  8. A Spiritual Medium is a channel for the transmission of evidence and messages that affirm the continuity of love and life; support, healing and inspiration. (A Spiritual Medium–Medium Kathleen–is not a fortune-teller or a life coach/counsellor/doctor/financial expert.

May you have a memorable session. May you always be aware of the loving support and guidance offered you by your angels, spirit guides, spirit teachers, and loved ones in the spirit world.