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  1. Joan@ E.A.

    I have been to Kathleen many times. She is kind, compassionate, and truly wants to help. She is spot on, no doubts. She has helped me through many hard times with the truest of intentions. I am blessed to have found her.

  2. Deborah Thorpe

    You are the best, Kathleen! I’ve been to you several times and your readings have been healing and on point! I’ll be seeing you hopefully in August. Putting my pennies away! Blessings.

  3. Debi Greene

    I have had two readings by Kathleen. My daughter had one. We both agree Kathleen is the real deal. We are blessed to have her brought into our lives when we needed comfort to know our Loved once are still well and with us. She is so blessed my Spirit.

  4. Liz Kearney

    Kathleen, Thank you for all the wonderful spiritual connections, the two readings I have had have been amazing. I would love to sit and talk with you for hours. You gave me insight, direction and peace. Thank you.

  5. Angela

    I have had several readings from different mediums over the years and Kathleen was by far the most accurate and gave me extremely helpful information. Her reading was very detailed and not only answered my questions but gave me great insight about various areas in my life and the people involved. I left that day with a clear understanding and inturn I made major strides in my life soon after the reading which now makes me wonder of all the things I would have missed if I hadn’t gone to see Kathleen. Being able to listen to the recorded reading afterwards was also great to go over the information and contemplate my next steps. Feeling Blessed!

  6. GH

    Had a fantastic reading with Kathleen. She is so warm and kind and makes you feel at ease as the messages from departed loved ones flow freely from her lips to your ears. I cried tears of joy as she gave me messages that I needed to hear from those ive loved and lost. I would recommend her to anyone and I intend to come back again

  7. Kathy

    Kathleen’s readings are fantastic! From the minute I sit down to talk to her, I feel at peace; I feel hope. She is excellent at tuning into, and conveying with compassion, messages from Spirit, and is a very skilled tarot card reader. I have, and will continue to, recommend her highly to anyone seeking a meaningful reading.

  8. Liz

    I had my first session with Kathleen at a psychic fair and was really impressed! I have had a number of readings over the years and I have had some hit-and-miss experiences, but Kathleen was definitely a hit! She picked up on things that no psychic ever has before. The time in our session flew by because there was so much to talk about. I would see Kathleen again and recommend her services.

  9. Sharon Pitts

    I had a reading recently with Kathleen at the Hearthstone, my first with her. She was very accurate and my dad and mom came through, it was nice to hear what they had to say to give comfort. She is very gifted and kind. Thank you so much.

  10. brian

    I was fortunate enough to meet Kathleen at the Heathstone Manor 8/19/12. She was warm and welcoming and immediately connected me to the energy of my father who passed-over 2 weeks prior. 90% messages were spot on. I’m sure the remaining 10% will become evident during exploration of past lives. My wife had a reading an hour and a half later and was similarly blown away. Kathleen is “the real deal” and we recommend her wholeheartedly!

  11. Stacey Coyne

    I visited with Kathleen at the Hearthstone on Aug. 18th. I instantly liked her as she has a very calming presence. She was spot on with what she told me. I am in a period of change in my life and my thoughts and emotions are very upset. She was able to give me guidance and a sense of peace with what she relayed to me.

    My daughter also went to see Kathleen the day after I went. She instantly liked her and was amazed by how accurate her information was. I look forward to seeing Kathleen again, she was a joy to speak with!

  12. Marcy

    First I wanted to say thank you so much for my reading. I can say I went in not ever doing this before or really believing. I walked away feeling blown away by listening to u. It was very emotional and what I went in hoping for I got. Kind of silly to say but I felt like I have some closure and wished I had gone sooner. U made me feel very comfortable even though I was so nervous. I would totally recommend anyone to come see u. Thank you

  13. Tanya D

    Wonderful session with Kathleen . She Provided very helpful information! Very nice person and very nice to talk with! Will be contacting you again soon!!

  14. Kathy P.

    I had my first reading with Kathleen in January of 2012; I have had other intuitive readings in the past, but Kathleen’s seemed different to me because of the serenity and centeredness I felt while in her presence. She had great compassion and understanding for my situation. The messages she got really resonated with me, and the impressions she was getting of my mom’s presence were very real. I knew she was the real deal, and I will definitely be consulting her again for guidance in my life.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful reading, Kathleen! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  15. Deedee

    As a Spiritualist coming from a long line of such, I have met many mediums throughout my life. While all mediums’ work is to be respected, there are simply some mediums whose work is beyond outstanding, and Kathleen is one of them. Kathleen hit so many nails so squarely on the head in my reading, I walked out of our session almost stunned with feeling of peace deeper than I have ever known. She and I bonded instantly, and she picked up on me immediately when I walked in the room. For 30 minutes she just kept hitting those nails and answering my questions before I’d even asked them. When calling on loved ones departed, she was spot-on, and when offering spirit guidance could not have been more accurate on almost every detail. I HIGHLY recommend Kathleen, whether it’s a group event or an individual session. I will definitely be seeing her again and again!!

  16. carmi morris

    on november 4th i had a reading from kathleen, i was kinda nervous since i have never done this before,but once she started she was telling me that no one else could have possibly known except my family that had passed. after the reading i felt a calmness over me, for i had a few things that had bothered me and knowing that my loved ones who had passed understood my issues thank you very much kathleen!

  17. A. Anderson, Office Assistant

    Readings from Kathleen help me to sort through scattered thoughts and ideas, and to pull to the surface those which have the most meaning. The messages which I receive through her have been uplifting, compelling, and have resulted in a deeper understanding and awareness of my life’s purpose. This has benefited myself as well as my family through my personal growth and development.

  18. francy callea

    Dear Kathleen:

    I just had a reading at the Hearthstone Manor in Cheektowaga,ny on November 4,th with you. It was incredible and I enjoyed all you had to tell me about my family that had passed on. It was very interesting that they were in the now and saw me and my family doing day to day activities and telling me things that are happening now to us. I am thinking about having a psychic party and am now asking friends and family if anyone would be interested in this. I will get back to you as soon as I know anymore about when and how many people would be interested.

    Thank you again for a very interesting day in my life. I will never forget it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Francy Callea

  19. Mary C

    Just amazing! My first experience and I can’t wait for my second one! You were right on target the entire session and brought me so much peace. Thank you so much!

  20. Elaine Mosher

    Kathleen, The information you told me was very accurate and very specific. I am sometimes skeptical regarding spirits, but there is no way you could know the things you told me unless the spirit was truly present and communicating with you. I also sensed comfort and benevolence in your presence. I am amazed. Thank you for sharing your gift me with. You are very special.

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