Feedback …

Accurate Mediumship

I have to tell you that H who came in after my father-in-law…I looked him up and he is in fact on the other side… two years ago! ~ Linda H. WNY

My reading today was very comforting and extremely accurate right down to my son’s name! ~ D. Crandall, Batavia NY

Kathleen was spot on with everything and brought me to tears! ~ Mollie, WNY

Kathleen enabled me to connect with my mom who died 30 years ago…! ~ K. Mousso, Greece, NY

The “Real Deal”

I have had several readings from different mediums over the years and Kathleen was by far the most accurate and gave me extremely helpful information. Her reading was very detailed …Feeling Blessed! ~ Angela M, WNY

I cried tears of joy as she gave me messages that I needed to hear from those I’ve loved and lost. I would recommend her to anyone… ~ Doc J, WNY

Compassionate Mediumship

Kathleen has the highest integrity! She is very kind, honest, and dedicated to her clients.  ~ A.A., Buffalo, NY

You brought me much needed peace… ~ SH, WNY

I did not say anything that would even give you a clue as to what I was hoping to hear about. And all through the reading I kept very quiet. I feel that what you told me came to you from the love ones that I wanted to hear from. Thank you. ~ P. Trapani, Batavia NY

Insightful Psychic Reading

I’ve had several readings with Kathleen over the last couple of years, and I continue to return to her because I get so much from them. Through her I’ve received guidance and support from people on the other side that has been invaluable in helping me grow personally as well as professionally. The insights she makes regarding my current life are very accurate. I’ve gone through many changes over the last 3-4 years, she’s helped me work through not just by touching base with my loved ones on the other sides, but with my guides as well. When she works with the cards for past present and future, it’s absolutely amazing. Knowing I have the people supporting me that I do is very comforting and the assurance that I’m going the right direction also helps me to continue moving forward. She’s given me insight as to which steps may be more suited to the future I want, to finding the path that I’m meant to be on. It’s also enjoyable to see her, as her spirit is full of life, happiness, smiles. I look forward to seeing her every time I go, she’ll make you feel at ease if you’re not comfortable with this sort of thing with her easy going personality. I highly recommend Kathleen, so grateful I’ve found her.  ~ Sherry H, WNY

Awakening Intuition in Others

Kathleen’s classes are just awesome! So much insight and information imparted… she is a real talent as a metaphysical gal and a teacher! ~ J.H., WNY

Class was wonderful! Her words really helped guide us all, and made us feel safe while directing the group purposefully ~ Corey B., WNY