Other Classes

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming classes in September-December 2022.


3.30.22 Wednesday “Dance Expressions” 6:30pm – 8:00 pm (Lewiston Porter Central School District

Do you love to dance? Are you looking for an opportunity to ‘get-into-your body’ and liberate your creative expression? This is a loosely structured, all-participant class for those who love to dance for the joy of it. During warm-up a few bellydance moves will be taught and other types of movement will be explored. Once the free-dance music playlist begins, individuals will be able to explore their own personal movements, expressing and interpreting the music. For those looking for a little more guidance, movements will be demonstrated and shared throughout as the class music playlist continues and peers are nearby for inspiration. We will dance throughout the session with individual options to take a break if needed. Wear comfortable, unrestrained clothing and flexible footwear that allows freedom of movement; bring your own water bottle to class.

3.7.22 Mondays : 5-week course weekly  “Belly Dance Classes for Fun & Fitness:  6:30pm – 7:30 pm (Niagara Wheatfield Central School District)

A beautiful art form, belly dance is a timeless and ageless woman’s dance that has given women a mode of personal expression, body awareness, confidence, and bonding with other women.  This dance is one that accentuates the punctuating, sensual, and playful elements of music – one that inspires an aliveness within.  Drawing on the tradition of Egyptian belly dance (Raks Sharqi), during this five-week course, several cabaret-style movements will be taught and used in multiple combinations.  Join us in a relaxed and supportive environment for a shimmy and shake, some fitness, and a whole lot of fun! 

___________________________________________________________________________________________________2.23.22 Wednesday “Gaia Grace” – A Meditative Dance  6:30pm – 7:30 pm

3.7.22 Mondays : 5-week course weekly  “Belly Dance Classes for Fun & Fitness:  6:30pm – 7:30 pm

3.9.22 Wednesday “Give it a Shake!” 6:30pm – 8:00 pm