Tips for Your Reading

A mediumship session is a spiritual opportunity–a miracle that reminds us that we are connected to something greater than ourselves, that our soul is formed in love, that life continues beyond the grave and that love never dies. A psychic medium session is an opportunity to receive insights about potentials and probabilities, that are presented to inspire you to access your own spiritual power; to reinforce that you are love, manifested in this world. Here are some tips to prepare you and support you in maximizing your experiences during a session:

  • Relax. A moment of quiet time before an appointment can be helpful. Are you nervous? Think positive. Turn nervousness into excitement!
  • Get physically comfortable. Remove bodily distractions. e.g. It can help to hydrate–drink a little water beforehand
  • Anyone can ‘knock:’ Kathleen does not control or guarantee specific spirit visitors; know that only loving spirits are welcomed.
  • Kathleen has received spirit communications from the newly departed, long-departed and pets. Guides, angels and master teachers may also come.
  • Be open to receive what spirit brings. Spirit may be motivated to communicate so they can give you loving support or because they require it. Your receptivity, patience and helpfulness will be known by them.
  • Expect the unexpected. Spirit communicators describe themselves from their perspective, not necessarily yours. You may find that your own mind and family members will surprise you later with greater clarity.
  • For best results, hold a sense of wonder about the session and process. Skepticism, judgement and negativity do influence the quality of communications during your session. e.g. Expecting Kathleen to know everything will limit quality.
  • Be ready to answer “Yes,” “No,” or “I don’t know” to questions asked.
  • Pay attention to the mannerisms of the medium as well as the words.
  • Kathleen is not a fortune teller. Future potentials and probabilities are expressed mediumistically or psychically in accord with natural law. Your choices design the future–change your mind and you change the future.
  • Do not expect Kathleen to solve your problem or tell you what to do. She will provide insights regarding potentials surrounding situations.
  • Understand that spirit communicates in an abstract, symbolic and nonlinear fashion to the mind of the medium. Facts and symbols are both available. Feelings, sounds and smells may be conveyed. Sometimes the symbol/image/memory is the message; sometimes just the fact a spirit showed up is the message.
  • May you have a memorable, joy-filled, love-embraced experience!