An evidential, soulful, compassionately guided session awaits…**



Experience Love from the spirit world in the comfort of your own home. Mediumship evidence and messages will be delivered privately to each person in attendance. Each session is 30 minutes. When the minimum number of attendees is met for your location, a discount is given to each person for their session and the host receives a free session. Contact Kathleen for info and booking.


In your home, brief greetings and insights are provided to your friends and/or family in a group gathering. In this group setting, everyone is a witness to and benefits from, the spirit world communications.  Contact Kathleen for info and booking.

Psychic Fair Participation

Rev. Kathleen participates in select psychic fairs in the USA and Canada. She may be visited in her booth at the expo for individual 30 and 15 minute sessions. She frequently is scheduled to provide a lecture during the event. For a list of fairs and lecture topics, contact Kathleen. Contact Kathleen for info and booking.

Individual Sessions: One-to-one consultations by appointment

Mediumship Session

Rev. Kathleen connects with ancestors, discarnate family and friends to provide personal insights and evidence of their continuity of life and everlasting love.  Contact Kathleen for info and booking.

Psychic Session

Focus in these sessions are placed on the sitter’s life path, career, relationships, and other areas of inquiry/concern. Come prepared with questions.  Contact Kathleen for info and booking.

The above sessions are available as:

• Telephone Session

• Video Consultation (Skype/Facetime/Zoom)

• In-Person Session (Limited availability)

    • All services are for entertainment only.

Classes & Circles: 

Please inquire.