Ongoing Development Classes

Interested in sitting with others building the power of spirit and tapping your own communication potentials? Classes and circles return January 2019. For more information drop an email to Kathleen.

There are no ongoing/group class openings currently. To learn about upcoming classes or workshops: join the mailing list  Private Tutoring/Mentoring is available via SKYPE/Facetime.

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Curricula offerings include:

Psychic / Intuition Development

  • “Raising Good Vibes”
  • “Exploring Beyond: Practical Tools for Your Psychic Intuitive Toolbox”
  • “Inspirational Writing”
  • “The Empath–Healthy, happy, Whole”
  • “Dreamscapes”
  • “It’s a Sign!”
  • “Understanding Symbols”
  • “Introduction to Tarot”
  • “Multiplicity of Intuition” (Astrology and Your Intuition)

Mediumship Development

  • “Open Message Circles”
  • “Mediumship Unfoldment Class”
  • “Link Don’t Think”
  • “Introduction to Platform Mediumship”

Healing Facilitation

  • Reiki I
  • Reiki II

Other Spiritual  & Empowerment Trainings

  • “Angels Among Us”
  • “Mood Management with Essential Oils”
  • “Know Thyself”
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Bellydance: “In the Flow”