There are no ongoing/group class openings currently. To learn about upcoming classes or workshops: join the mailing list  Private Tutoring/Mentoring is available via SKYPE/Facetime.

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Curricula offerings include:

Psychic / Intuition Development

  • “Raising Good Vibes”
  • “Exploring Beyond: Practical Tools for Your Psychic Intuitive Toolbox”
  • “Inspirational Writing”
  • “The Empath–Healthy, happy, Whole”
  • “Dreamscapes”
  • “It’s a Sign!”
  • “Understanding Symbols”
  • “Introduction to Tarot”
  • “Multiplicity of Intuition” (Astrology and Your Intuition)

Mediumship Development

  • “Open Message Circles”
  • “Mediumship Unfoldment Class”
  • “Link Don’t Think”
  • “Introduction to Platform Mediumship”

Healing Facilitation

  • Reiki I
  • Reiki II

Other Spiritual  & Empowerment Trainings

  • “Angels Among Us”
  • “Mood Management with Essential Oils”
  • “Know Thyself”
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Bellydance: “In the Flow”