As a Medium, Reverend Kathleen Boldt gives comforting messages of truth and love to those seeking to connect with spirit. She compassionately delivers both factual evidence and loving communications as sourced from the subtle realms of consciousness and transmitted from deceased loved-ones, spirit guides, angels, and master teachers. Reverend Kathleen’s mediumship demonstrations encompass both a spirit-centered and client-centered approach, providing a range of delivery styles to help empower those who are seeking an informative as well as transformative experience.

Rev. Kathleen is an adept and versatile, holistic channel, for both spirit and psychic frequencies. Born with her gifts, Kathleen has had years of “cross-training” in arts and teaching careers before working full-time as a professional Psychic Medium. She  has a particularly comprehensive knowledge and understanding of abstract communication and symbolic meaning, making her a natural reader of Tarot and other divining tools. Psychic may included any one of the following in areas of concern regarding family, work, partnerships, travel, etc.: spiritual direction; support for promoting emotional healing; alternative options and insights into future probabilities.

Any session with Kathleen upholds and respects the individual’s free will and power to make choices for themselves. Whether a client is coming for a Medium, Psychic or Psychic Medium session, Kathleen’s sessions are a custom bridge to greater understanding, packed with intuitive information that support clients in connecting to a deeper experience of love, life and living.

For the past 10 years, Reverend Kathleen has kept active in her vocation doing private sessions, home and company parties, special events and conducting classes and workshops in the US and Canada. She has made guest appearances on radio and television programs and has held support staff positions at “Fellowships of the Spirit School” trainings and events. She has served as a guest medium in the Spiritualist community at Lily Dale, NY and is a member of Lily Dale Assembly.