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An soulful, evidential, compassionately guided session awaits you. Rev. Kathleen connects with the spirit of loved ones who have transitioned into the spirit world and channels psychic guidance about life events using her natural gifts and professional skills obtained from formal training and extensive experience.

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April & May 2020

Online Video and telephone sessions are available:

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COVID-19 update:

Let’s do our part to reduce the spread of this disease. Stay well! In light of the current recommendations by the CDC regarding the spread of the Coronavirus Disease, all in-person readings and public demonstrations of mediumship and class gatherings are on hold, post-poned or cancelled until further notice. 

Dates below are still posted for future planning reference and updates confirming their continuation will follow closer to their expected event date.

2020 Lily Dale Class

“Heart To Heart Mediumship”

Harness the healing potential of the heart. This class will allow you to examine, experience, and explore mediumship through the channel of your own heart. Connect and merge with the triple heart of spirit, self and client. Amplifying reception capacity, increasing the quality of evidence and fully igniting the healing potential of Mediumship. This opens to the potential of authentic evidence, growth with the life of spirit on the other side, and greater understanding of the spirits’ participation in the client’s life. The intention is to allow a true feeling of connection between the client and spirit energy. Be prepared for fun, and intensive individual and group exercises. 

Heart Two Heart Mediumship is a collaboration between Spiritualist Mediums, Rev. Celeste Elliott and Rev. Kathleen Boldt. Two friends that have worked together professionally under this label since 2016, as called by Spirit. As mediums for the world of spirit, together they embrace the awakening and healing power of mediumship. Through group trainings, mediumship demonstrations and charitable works they bring through the heartfelt healing power of spirit world communication, inspiring others to ignite the truth and love of the spirit within. 

9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Andrew Jackson Davis Lyceum, 457 East Street
Lily Dale, NY 14752, USA

Vision Quest Psychic Fairs

Alternative Minds Psychic Fair

& Community Food Drive 

November 21 & 22, 2020 Sat. 11am-8pm, Sun. 11am -6pm
Greystone Castle 201 N. Main St. Canastota NY 
Admission Fee: $8.00 ( Please note: admission fee does not cover the cost of psychic readings or vendors products all lectures included with admission fee) 
 Please Note: “The Gift From the Heart Project” Bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the local food pantry and one dollar($1.00) will be deducted off the admission fee . All foods go to the Canastota Opportunity Shop